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For Students

Occupies Multi regulate the behavior of students and their attendance at school important place in the educational process, it is part of moral education comprehensive urged them education policy in Saudi Arabia, have included a policy document education a number of articles that dealt with moral education, and linked directly to the educational process.

The ethics precious is the basis of human behavior in all givens worship and transactional collective and individual, but this description of God Almighty Nabih peace be upon him that creating a great, have addressed Islamic ethical aspects and attached great importance because of its great impact in the organization of stunt people and restrict and control, and this Communion came explicit texts in the Koran, and sometimes in a way that praise and preference for certain types of behaviors mentioned in the story of verses or prophetic, as the Sunnah included ample series of conversations that urges ethics and good behavior, and examples are:

Meaning: [and loves those who purify themselves] any departing guilt and employees of goodness, and says: [And you are creating a great, and because the Prophet peace be upon him: ((It love to placed morals)) Bukhari, and evidence of this many countless.
Behavior: The intended student's commitment to self-school system, and accept the guidance and instructions of school, and enforcement in and around the school.

Supposed behavior of a student at the school: Student should possess inside and outside the school following Balslokat:
Commitment to the values ??of Islam and their own religion and away from anything that exclusion.
Commitment come to school on time. Avoid leaving school before time to leave without permission from management.

Commitment remains in Chapter quota times, and avoid going out of it except in cases of necessity, and with teacher permission.
Participate in the organization of the school and contribute to their activities, programs and events.

Respect for all employees of the school administrators, teachers and counselors, users and students.

Commitment honest, trustworthy and literature talk and good manners, said Mustafa: ((The truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise ... talk)) Bukhari and Muslim, said Mustafa: ((ed Secretariat of Aútmank do not betray the one who betrays)) Narrated by Tirmidhi said hasan hadeeth Ghraib, said Mustafa: ((mainland modern good manners ...)) Narrated by Muslim.
Rely on himself to solve his duties and performance of its tests.
Rely on himself, including cost of the activity.
Cooperation with the teacher and counselor face of difficulties and problems.
Maintaining the cleanliness of his class and his school and concern for the safety of installations and equipment and to avoid tampering.

Hygiene of his body and his clothing and food and drank and maintain tools, books, Mustafa said: ((God is beautiful and loves beauty ... talk)) Narrated by Muslim.
Come to school dressed in the Saudi Arabian.

Avoid anything that contradicts Islamic morality noble appearance and clothing.
Maintain the prayer group at the school and the mosque and ensure the performance of fully Almighty said: Keep Asalot and Prayer Central and stand obedient to God].
Apply what it takes in the school of forensic science and ethical conduct in public life.
Maintaining his time and investment to maximum benefit.

Avoid iPod to be able to follow explanation of the teacher in the classroom with vigor and vitality.

Building a close relationship with the teacher based on respect and appreciation.
Keenness to develop his skills and talents through various activity programs implemented by the school.

Avoid breaches of security and safety inside and outside the school.
Interaction with the morning program sports and cultural.
Fluency face and joy in the faces of his brothers and his colleagues and Aptdaúhm peace and shaking hands and asking about their condition, said Mustafa: ((not known something Thakrn though generally received your brother divorced)) Narrated by Muslim.

Emerge from Chapter quietly after the session has ended and refer to it quietly on time after time break.

Early in the direction of the chapel and pray knife and reverence, with a commitment to literature during his stay in the prayer, said Mustafa: ((still slave in prayer do not wait prayer)) Narrated by al-Tirmidhi.

Choose good likeness and a friend who is a noble morality and good biography, and avoid bad friends, said Mustafa: ((the religion of one mistress, so let one of you ?????)) Narrated by Tirmidhi said it is a hasan hadeeth strange.
Keenness to go to the LRC, to achieve the knowledge and cultural growth and mental maturity and intellectual superiority.