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Schools & Training Center

Advantages characterized by a Al Hussan schools
Provide the best education for learners at all stages of public education from the first year of primary school until the third secondary for boys and girls, and also provide the ideal study environment for students in the institutes.
Includes members of the supervisory bodies, administrative, educational and training are picked very carefully and campaign highest scientific and educational qualifications, and the owners of outstanding experiences.
Prepare special training programs for its employees before the service or on-the-job and supervised by an educational expert with competence and experience a rare and specialized in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision to develop their skills and provide them with the latest ideas and modern educational theories.
Organizes continuous follow-up programs to make sure the teachers to observe the best education and the most successful methods of teaching methods in their daily work.
Keen on providing care conscious and integrated supervision for their children, and provide the best methods of guidance and direction for them.
Provide for their children on Thursdays deepen programs for students with good or advanced levels Takeda caregivers and continued their superiority, and organizes for their children, lessons to strengthen free on Thursday of each week helping them to overcome the shortcomings or weaknesses.
Open for those of her children on Thursdays in the exercise of any color of school activity under the supervision of their teachers to acquire multiple skills and care for their talents and creativity.
Evaluate schools strong relationship to parents, and is keen to have a connection to effectively and continuously with the house as a partner school in the education of learners pay nothing schools each year for two events programmers with parents able through which access to all of their children in schools and meeting with each teacher teaches their children.

School is keen to establish a closing activity and offers a variety of watching the parents colors activity practiced by our students and our students throughout the year.
Owns a fleet of air-conditioned buses to transport students between school and home under the supervision of teachers.
Featuring internal regulations governing the courses of action, and describe the functions of all their employees show the specific duties and responsibilities required of each and every one of them, identified with the reference point of supervision and follow-up system and clarify the accounting within the institutes and schools.
Provides the latest laboratory in the field of computers and the English language, and means advanced technology education to be able to each student develop his skills and the development of expertise, and thus achieved the desired goal to prepare an educated generation unable to cope with the requirements of the times, and follow-up era of the information technology revolution.
Schools offer courses strong additional premium for all levels of education from the first primary to the third secondary subjects of English and computer, the students can practice the language efficiently, dealing with the latest software in the field of computers and increase the number of shares of certain substances by the USDA to increase enables students and proficiency skills with a high degree of efficiency.
Advantages Al Hussan institutes of Management and Computer Science
Granted institutes and centers Al Hussan training Diploma Computer Science for high school graduates under the supervision and the adoption of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and provide opportunities to complete college to get a bachelor's degree from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals If GPA for the student acceptable to the University, or from any other Arab universities and global other, and also provide opportunities to learn English the highest levels, and at the hands of English-speaking professors.