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To achieve the objectives of discipline in our schools must be based school function educational, and provide an environment conducive learning for education and discipline, with the following main aspects that need attention by all school staff (principal, agent, teachers, counselors, pioneers activity ..).

Interest in finding a school culture that encourages discipline and strive for, and is intended culture of the school system of values??, norms and beliefs, traditions and practices in the school, and there are a number of methods that can be used to establish a culture of encouraging discipline, including:
  • Commitment of all employees in the school tenet of Islam and moral guidance and instilling sound ideal behavior emulated everyone.
  • Find a common sense of the objectives of the school's staff.
  • Focus on the importance of learning and good behavior and discipline.
  • Attention to students and their goals and their achievement and their problems and involve them in the decision-making process and support them in their activities inside the classroom and outside.
  • Focus on student achievement of self-discipline in their behavior arise to have the necessary skills to control it
  • And -Spread the values ??of cooperation and love of innovation and hard work in school.
  • Attention to practices that appreciates the achievements of students and teacher creativity and commitment of parents.