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The tradition of Al-Hussan Education in Saudi Arabia began in 1956 when Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan started the Arab Cultural Institute for adult education. In the following year Al-Hussan Modern Girls School, the first girls’ school in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was opened. Today there are nineteen schools and other educational institutes throughout the Eastern Province rated among the best in Saudi Arabia, with enrolment of over 12,000 students. Today his son Rashid Abdel Aziz Al-Hussan is the president of the Al-Hussan Group of Companies continuing his father’s vision of education for all. 
Al-Hussan went on to expand into rapidly with the creation of International School in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and opened its first international curriculum school in September 1998, with separate divisions for boys and girls section on the same campus. 
Al Hussan International Schools are registered with the Ministry of education to offer a “British” programme, and follow Cambridge Primary, Secondary, IGCSE, AS and A2 courses of study. In August 2011, Al-Hussan International School, Khobar, was authorised to offer the IB Diploma programme.
The group and its activities continue to expand, and in 2011 Al Hussan International School Riyadh branch was launched as part of Al Hussan expansion plan.
Other notable companies of the group include: AlHussan Training Centres. In 1958, Al-Hussan Education Group launched its education and training services in the Eastern Province, under the name of Arab Cultural Institute (ACI). Specially designed courses are conducted in the following areas:
  • IT Training Programs (Informatics Global Campus)
  • English Learning Program
    We are the sole representative of ELS Language centre’s in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  • Professional Trainings i.e. Welding